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Enterprise Systems Associates, Inc. ("ESAi") is a leading provider of infrastructure solutions for medium to large IT organizations. ESAi provides support at the strategic, tactical and pragmatic levels. Our products and services help businesses lower costs, reduce time spent on every day tasks, and increase operational efficiencies.

From Mainframe cost reduction, to repetitive tasks, performance tuning, to MSU capacity optimization, ESAi provides the products and services to help you do more with less.

Offerings include:

  • Products and Services for mainframe and multi-platform enterprise servers

  • Solutions for IBM® DB2® systems that include: Cloning, Fast Copy / Migrate, Task Automation, SQL Tuning / Performance, Bufferpool performance and cross platform DBMS Copy, CDC and Data Masking.

  • Test Data Management capabilities with BCV5 & XDM optimize your ability and timelines for incredibly fast, efficient delivery of test environments with or without masking for Db2 z/OS, Db2 LUW, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, et.al.
  • Soft Capping strategies for IBM® z/OS® systems that reduce MLC license costs. Improve 4 Hour Rolling Average (4HRA) for SCRT and software costs.

  • Capacity Planning, Performance, and SMF Reporting for IBM® z/OS® systems
  • Performance Tuning, programming, Network, and Systems consulting for IBM® CICS® applications
IDUG BCV5 DB2 Cloning Tool plus Masking Tool. Also BPA4DB2 tool for Buffer Pools and SQL.

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