About Us

image ESAi markets products that use automation and intelligence to enhance the value of IT staff members by reducing tedious labor intensive tasks and freeing them up to address critical issues. Technical staff perform many routine, problem solving and environment management tasks in maintaining the IT infrastructure. A good part of their workload centers on Db2®, alternative databases, CICS®, and both mainframe and distributed systems. ESAi products offer immediate staff augmentation benefits without long ramp up training delays, and allow new hires to become productive in a much shorter time. Labor statistics show that between 2011 and 2017 the experienced IT baby boomers full time employees dropped from 51% to 25%. This drop in available experienced workforce places major corporations in a difficult place. The situation is further exacerbated because the IT environment has been evolving over the last couple of decades at an accelerated rate and has become highly complex.

ESAi’s products have accompanied this evolution and provide innovative solutions to meet the challenges these changes present. A key differentiator for vendor products is the level of support offered to its users. In this respect, the products marketed by ESAI are all backed by one of the best technical and customer service teams in the industry. Continued product enhancement, innovation, and excellent support - that's ESAi!