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ESAi has technology that helps shops reduce cost of their database access monitoring (DAM), test data management (TDM), environment refresh, and associated manual staff efforts.


Real-time Database Access Monitoring

Most corporations maintain sensitive data that are confidential or vital to corporate operations. In today’s distributed IT environments, these data need special protection. As the initial security measure, DB2 privileges are granted to users who are allowed to access these data. As a further measure, all access to sensitive data should be recorded, to verify that accesses are made for legitimate reasons and not for trivial or dishonest motives.

DBARS™ - Audit, Alert, Report, and Protect Db2 Accesses Real Time.
Audit reporting, alerting and blocking for all Db2 accesses without the overhead of audit tracing or log processing. Protect corporate data with a new level of database access monitoring. Click for DBARS™ Brochure


Test Data Management and Environment Refresh

Be it test data management, big data, or data warehouse, our fast refresh and cloning solutions automate, simplify, and improve your bottom line. Don't let Unload/Load utilities drive up your costs and slow down data availability. Our suite of products use fast copy and smart automation to deliver significant improvement in data delivery time.

BCV5™ is focused mainly on the mainframe Db2® environment with incredibly fast database, table copy/refresh/clone or bulk migrates. Automation makes the full process an easy task that relieves DBA's from tedious manual work of copying/refreshing data and structures to target environments.

BCV5™ Masking Tool for Db2 does comprehensive masking of sensitive PII data in-place or as part of the fast copy/refresh process.

BCV4™ provides rapid Db2® and/or IMS® full subsystem clones in record speed. Ideal for SAP & PeopleSoft.

XDM™ is a multi-platform (Mainframe, Unix, Linux, Windows within and between) for Db2® z/OS®, Db2 LUW, Oracle®, SQL Server®, PostgreSQL, IMS®, VSAM®. It can select/migrate/copy/mask data and RI related data for test cases and other data needs.

The data sheets for these products as well as our highly regarded BufferPool Tuning, SQL Performance, and Log Analysis tools can be viewed in the Products Overview Brochure.    

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Our Track Record

Customer satisfaction is our goal. Listening to our customers has led to improvements in our products and increased customer loyalty with personal, responsive support.  In these days of impersonal mega-vendors, we strive to provide constantly enhanced products that meet new technological advances and help our customers meet their technology goals.