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Automated Real-Time Monitoring Optimizes Your Monthly IBM System Z Software Invoice

zDynaCap® Capacity Management and Soft Capping for Reducing Mainframe Software License Costs

Under Sub-Capacity workload charging (WLC pricing, vWLC and aWLC), the IBM software license charge is easily the largest single monthly invoice. zDynaCap's automated capacity balancing lets critical work get done at the lowest possible MLC cost. If you are under WLC (Workload License Charging) with a MLC, BAU or ESSO contract, you owe it to yourself to see how much zDynaCap can save. The product offers the possibility of automated capacity balancing and is delivered with custom balancing policies for your environment to get started quickly. zDynacap offers a Cockpit view with reporting that includes current status and high water marks within the current billing period and more. zDynaCap provides granular, specific soft capping with its dynamic capacity balancing features.

The introduction of Workload License Charges (WLC) in data centers brings up the question of how the available peak time capacity can be balanced optimally in such a way that high priority workload is prioritized across LPAR boundaries.


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zPrice Manager®

zPrice Manager - Automated Capacity Balancing for IBM zOS

zPrice Manager creates budget stability and helps you achieve substantial cost reductions. It supports you in areas where other products or methods (such as IBM Workload Manager or Group Capping) fail to provide an effective solution.

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