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Craig Mullins Blog: Auditing Database Access and Change: A Necessity More Than a Nicety

ESAi helps state agencies offload Db2 workload to aide in COVID-19 unemployment processing with BCV4 / BCV5.

ESAi:  Innovative Technology That Reduces Cost and Enables IT Staff To Do More with Less.

Smart Technology for both Mainframe & Distributed Environments. Improve productivity & meet skills shortage with expert systems automation.

imageThey say "time is money."  If that's true, why are so many large IT organizations using out-dated processes and old ISV technology that requires so much manual effort and time to execute?   Enterprise Systems Associates Inc. ("ESAi") provides solutions that optimize the time, effort and machine resources taken by daily IT tasks. We have applied innovative technology and intelligent automation to significantly improve daily processes on both mainframe and distributed systems. Thus improving the ability of IT to deliver and for it to lower daily IT expenditure.

 Our solutions are not the rehashed code from last century's tools which many shops still use, but new technology from the ground up designed to meet the needs (and the constraints) of today's IT staff.   With retiring staff and limited resources for database professionals on distributed and especially mainframe platforms,  ESAi solutions are being used by Fortune 1000 companies to meet the ever increasing demands on IT for service and timely delivery.   Let's face it, there are only 24 hours in a day - despite staff challenges, IT still needs to get the job done.     That is why companies increasingly buy our agile, productive ESAi solutions.   Solutions that quickly pay for themselves in a suprisingly short period of time.


What Solutions Do We Offer?

We offer solutions that "Get the Job Done."  There are only 24 hours in a day.  With limited and shrinking mainframe staff, having next generation tools with expert systems capability and intelligent automation allow IT managers to meet the ongoing demands for service.

View Solutions Based on What You do for Your Company

IT is a complex organization with professionals tasked to work together and meet a common goal. Click on the images below that most match your responsibilities and discover which of our IT power-tools are available to ease your workload, enhance your performance, and meet Service Level Agreements:
Db2 DBA tools I am a Database Professional
My job is to Manage, optimize and
guard corporate data.
DevOps Agile development cycle I am a Programmer Analyst
Making error free, functional &
efficient applications is my job.
db2 data masking, BCV5 masking tool I am a Data Security Pro
Secure data, controlling access,
masking/encrypting interest me.
CICS Performance Analyzer to find problems and lower CICS cost I am a CICS Professional
Pro-actively find problems, Identify cost
& optimize CPU MLC usage.

Monitor, Audit, Record Accesses to Sensitive Db2 Data,   Data Masking and Test Data Management,   Refresh Test Data from Production, Fast Db2 Cloning Tools,   Db2 Log Analysis and data propagator,   SQL Performance and Db2 Buffer Pool tool like BPA4DB2 Bufferpool Analyzer,   Find CICS App Performance Problems,   Lower CPU and Reduce Mainframe Costs