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SMF and Capacity Planning Projects

Our Performance and Capacity planning consulting projects help you better control and optimize hardware, software and applications running on z/OS systems.

Managing performance is a complex task. It is very difficult to have a clear picture of what is happening on your systems. This is especially true with current system architecture that include multiples LPARs running in Sysplex environment.

For years, Performance and Capacity planning analysts had to rely on raw SMF and RMF data. Analysing and consolidating this huge quantity of information is a complex task, but this large amount of data can now be automatically transformed into easily accessible information.

  • Are you wasting time creating reports instead of making accurate decisions?
  • Can you get the timely information you need
  • Are you paying for capacity you don’t need to use?

Automatic Report Generation

Current performance tools are okay, but they require a lot of efforts and time because analysts have to develop and maintain multiple custom reports.

Reporting for analysis can be completely automated and it usually runs unattended during the night. This means that all Performance, Capacity Planning and Trend analysis reports are immediately available when you arrive at the office in the morning. Further management reporting includes key items like: What problems occurred last night? What capacity did I use last month end? Year end?

Hardware Control

We also take in consideration the Workload Licence Charge (WLC) software costs policy. It provides all the necessary metrics to manage the MSU utilization by reporting on the highest “rolling 4 hour average” (R4HA) values.

Software Management

We provides a view of all the workloads running on your systems. Extensive drill-down capabilities allow you to explore workload performance and consumption

Workloads that are eligible for zAAP and zIIP processors.

Trend Analysis

Daily and Monthly resource consumptions trend analysis reports helps you better understand the workload growth and its impact on your systems.

An advanced statistical methodology identifies positive or negative growth trends.

Regression analysis also estimates CPU latent demand for saturated systems.

We can get its input from a variety of sources, such as SMF, SAS-ITRM, MXG, TDS and CA-MICS.


Performance management and capacity planning process is made easier and more reliable.

  • Saves on the time required for Performance and Capacity planning studies
  • Reduce costs and improve service levels
  • Hardware savings by discovering unused resources
  • Recover up to 10% of the machine capacity
  • Save costly MIPS and avoid CPU upgrades

Our Performance and Capacity planning solutions for z/OS systems, but it can also extend its functionality to distributed platforms

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