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Applications and Db2 Solutions

ESAi has solutions to help lower mainframe operating costs. DBA's, Programmers and QA Staff can improve application quality while reducing data maintenance and downtime costs. Test Data Management and maintaining IBM® Db2® data stores places significant demands on support staff. Increasingly more complex environments and staff time constraints cry out for solutions to help maintain customer service level agreements. Buffer pool tuning, the expanding use of dynamic SQL, data management such as REORGs and backup/recovery, just to mention a few, all consume hardware, staff, time and money at a growing rate. The need for system availability, cloning databases, refreshing select DB2 tables, maintaining test beds, fixing corrupted data, masking sensitive fields are just some of the tasks that the our products automate, simplify or enhance with new technology and intelligent infrastructure engines. ESAi / UBS products quickly implement support for new features and functions released by IBM to improve performance and ease of use.

Our solutions help enterprises cope with the increasing Db2 demands with:


Full Subsystem Cloning for Db2® , SAP® , and PeopleSoft® systems. Enjoy immediate access to copied or cloned subsystems, DB2 startup after 15 minutes. SAP, Peoplesoft, and DB2 clones (or homogeneous system copy) available within minutes! Vendor independent so it works with HDS® , IBM® , EMC® volumes. Increase data availability for cloned and test systems with BCV4. If you have application testing, QA, shadow/warehouse systems, or have z/OS® and Db2 version upgrade testing, you need BCV4.

Click here for IBM Global Solution Directory link: BCV4 / BCV5

BCV5™ Fast cloning and/or refresh of Db2 databases, tablespaces, or even parts thereof. Smart analysis and handling of structure, DDL, OBID, etc ease the copy/migrate task. Compared to slower "usual" utilities, BCV5 is the choice when speed and minimal disruption are of key importance. Save an average of 90 percent in CPU and wall clock time for your DB2 copy or migrate jobs. BCV5 also has Data Subset and fast partition copy capabilities. The BCV6 in-flight copy option provides 24x7 source availability for copy/clone processes.
BCV5™ Masking Tool The Masking Tool option easily handles the masking of sensitive data either as part of the fast copy process or can do in-place masking. What sets it apart is the ease and ability to handle intricacies of data masking lacking with others.
XDM™ XDM (Cross Database Mover) adds to our BCVn line of Test Data Management (TDM) products to rapidly copy, mask, subset, etc popular DBMS systems such as Oracle® , SQL Server® , IBM® Db2® , Automation and an intuitive GUI delivers speed and ease of use for staff.
Test Data Management See how our BCVn and XDM suite helps optimize and help with your TDM challenges.
ULT Log Tracker / Analyzer ULT is a log analyzer for IBM® Db2® on the z/OS® platform. Efficient and fast, this tool audits changes to DB2 tables and eases the cumbersome task of backing out erroneous updates.
BPA4DB2™ Buffer Pool Tuning BPA4DB2 supports database Administrators by analyzing the I/O behavior of Db2 subsystems and Db2 groups. This buffer pool analyzer and advisor generates proposals to improve the setup of the pools and group buffer pools. BPA4DB2 consists of two parts, a host component which measures the I/O rates and a JAVA client which receives the compressed measurements from the host. Increased system performance and resource cost savings make this a must have tool in z/OS shops. Db2 version upgrade and sizing support too.
SQLQC™ SQLQC provides Quality Assurance for Dynamic and Static SQL. SQLQC is designed to detect the few statements within the thousands that create the performance problems. It reports on Top CPU Burners, Statements with highest elapsed time, top consuming users, Top I/O contention, Actual vs Optimizer, and much more. The tool digs deep and analyzes the root causes of SQL (and SQL from distributed systems) problems and it shows ways to resolve them.
P-Tracker Monitors all program and data access calls for IMS®, CICS®, DB2®, and batch applications.

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