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BCV5 Masking Tool - Mask in-place or during Fast Database Copies with Anonymization. Anonymize sensitive DB2 data PII ( personally identifiable information, like Social Security number ) very quickly for SOX, HIPAA, or other compliance needs.


Fast DB2 Data Manipulation, Data Anonymization / Masking


Making hi-speed copies of DB2 databases and table spaces is only half of the story. The ability to mask or anonymize sensitive data fields ( Personally Identifiable Information PII, SSN, etc. ) and to select data subsets from large tables is often pushed off to other in-house applications. Most organizations quickly realize that maintaining these home grown utilities can create a substantial workload on their DB2 resources, both staff and hardware. BCV5 addresses these issues in an elegant and efficient manner. Following are just some of the relief that this product provides:

  • One-pass processing means Elimination of multiple jobs to copy, mask / anonymize and select data
  • Significant reduction in hardware utilization and total wall clock elapsed time
  • Automates: scheduling, DB2 structure object validations, copying

Masking Select Data Fields (Anonymization or "Data Scrambling")

Organizations normally need to copy sensitive data from a production system to a testing or QA system. In order to adhere to data privacy regulations and corporate security, a significant amount of extra processing is often required. Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), HIPAA, and other compliance issues add time and overhead... BCV5 processing and speed helps you meet your goals.

When copying data like account balances or medical records to a development environment, perhaps the actual names of customers should not be visible to an application programmer. Data scrambling or replacing the name and other sensitive information with random data is sometimes required. In some cases, it is desirable to replace characters according to a given pattern; this provides the ability to reconstruct the original input for parallel and integration testing strategies.

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BCV5 Masking Tool: A Practical Solution

The BCV5 is a Db2 data masking solution allows the anonymization / masking to be made in-flight or in-place. At no time does the target environment contain sensitive or unwanted data rows. The task of coding multiple job streams and scripts that unload data, manipulate sequential data sets and reload the data  is eliminated. There is no plethora of UPDATE statements to execute on the copied table, which results in huge DB2 logs, and numerous constraint checks and index updates.

It is possible to make a list of table columns that require anonymization by BCV5. Every copy task containing a table on that list is automatically processed according to the rules specified by the organization. Individual copy tasks can also have additional rules that only apply only to that task.


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