State Agencies Use Software Tool to Help with Covid-19 Processing

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State Agencies Use Software Tool to Help with Covid-19 Processing

Speed, Automation Help Customer Offload Production Environment Workload using BCV4 and BCV5 tool


ESAi has been working closely with customers diligently fortifying their infrastructure  to manage and process the high workloads being generated by the current Covid-19 crisis. Their tasks have ranged from helping create full Db2 environment clones or simply cloning / refreshing select tables for the purpose of offloading  workloads for reporting, analytics, performance and other purposes. BCV4 and BCV5 are vital tools for these needs.

Objective Achieved

One state unemployment agency is using BCV4 and Flashcopy to establish a reporting and analytics environment in short order and seamlessly refreshing it daily from production. This project took a large processing load off of their production Db2 subsystem so it can focus on processing unemployment claims.  They praised the efficient automation and the incredible speed of BCV4 to deliver ready to use refreshed the cloned environments. They were equally impressed with the rapid response and help from of our product support staff for this high visibility project.

Enabling customers in quickly creating viable architectures and implementing measures to guarantee that production applications meet the highest standards has been a pleasure to behold.   When considering vendor options and Load methods, using BCV4 and BCV5 tools for Db2 z/OS gave them the automation and ease to stand up and refresh copies, shadow systems and QA / test environments very quickly thus meeting their Covid-19 and related project needs.

Fortified Infrastructure

 For ESAi it has been very exciting helping customers fully exploit the potential of its infrastructure power-tools. Whether creating clones, setting up select table refreshes, Test Data Management for different interrelated testbeds, masking sensitive data, or moving data to other non-Db2 database platforms, we have accumulated a high level of function and proficiency in our tool set.  Further, optimizing buffer pools for increased workloads with  BPA4DB2 buffer pool tuning product will provide that extra boost needed to handle the heavy volumes of work. 

The old  and dated vendor solutions many still consider assets are proving not to be up to the task,  Customers are benefiting from the new levels of capability, speed, and automation to meet their production and test needs in a distinctly more efficient manner from a new generation of infrastructure tools.
We would like to offer our products and services to those who are not yet our customers or who are making limited use of our products.  Contact us to learn more about these power tools.

Stay safe.


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         Customer Quotes:

"I will tell you, my DBA believes your support teams provide some of the best support he has ever received from a software vendor.  I want to thank you for that."

"We brought in BCV5 and a competing product for evaluation. We took our time and installed BCV5. It took 45 minutes. With a few hours of testing and a few answers from support, we were able to complete our 1st refresh on day 1. It took less time to install, configure and execute a refresh with BCV5 than it took to get the competing product installed."
"BCV5/6 works exactly as expected. Easy setup, fast repeatable refreshes. It has made refreshing test subsystems simple and error free."



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