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Save on License Cost, CPU Cycles, I/O, and Valuable Staff Efforts with ESAi Tools

ICPU - Inspect CPU for IBM® CICS® Performance.
The low overhead CICS Application Performance product that helps both Applications Programmers and Performance Analysts easily find programs and code causing issues and spikes in CPU usage. It does what monitors simply can not do. ICPU is different than other CICS performance analyzers. The low overhead allows it to run anytime on production or test systems to provide invaluable insight into the CPU usage for improving performance of applications programs. Also, ICPU helps lower MLC license charges by helping to identify and remedy high CPU usage apps and lines of code. TCB and other information from ICPU helps identify best candidates or 'low hanging fruit' to obtain threadsafe benefits.
Supports CICS 4.1 through 5.5. In addition to COBOL source support, Adabas® Natural® is supported.

For additional info see CICS Tuning Brief
To see a web video, click here for Inspect CPU for Application Performance!

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